I am a design graduate from the Bauhaus Universität in Weimar, Germany. I grew up on the West Coast of Canada until the age of 18 before moving abroad. Beginning my studies in Photography and Art History, those topics now accompany my knowledge in Visual Communications. During my studies I worked 6 months at Verlag Hermann Schmidt in Mainz as a design intern and I have recently taken up employment at LS Creative and JOMS in Bern, Switzerland.  Since my studies I have continued my research and development in working with VR as a way to mix art and technology. If you have any inquiries, shoot me an email, I look forward to future collaborations.



2010-2012  Concordia University Montreal

2012-2016  Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Work Experience
10.2016 – Present 
Design Intern LS Creative
07.2016 – Present
Graphic Artist & Print Management JOMS
07-09.2015 Web Development for Menghrani GmbH
03-10.2014 Design Intern Verlag Hermann Schmidt

15-17.01.2016 | JodorowsyMeThis Projekt EINS, Weimar

10-13.07.2015 | Food Photography Limona, Weimar

9-12.07.2013 | Ausser, Inner, Dazwischen Limona, Weimar

9-12.07.2013 | What is a Magazine? M18, Weimar

1-5.04.2013 | We Found Babylon der Laden, Weimar (exhibition design)

6–20.5.2013 | Familiengeschichten  Marienstraße 1a, Bauhaus Universität